Zuzanna Rogowska

Presenting my concept for a 39 m² apartment in the Warsaw Brewery, located in a building designed by JEMS ARCHITECTS and completed by Echo Investment. The apartment embraces a serene color palette, where soft whites and soothing beiges are in harmony with smoked oak wood, sintered quartz inspired by white limestone, steel and black accents.

The overall design is elevated by a minimalist lighting fixture, complemented by light linen textiles and ceramics featuring organic shapes and textures, adding depth and character to the space.  I aimed to cultivate a warm and relaxing ambiance in this interior, emphasizing simplicity, natural elements, and subtle elegance, resulting in the creation of a harmonious aesthetic.

Apartment Floor Plan

The floor plan of a 39 m² apartment in the Warsaw Brewery illustrates the concept of dividing a small space into distinct zones—living room, kitchen, and bedroom—while maintaining a connection among them. While this open and functional layout may not suit everyone, customizing it to the resident’s specific needs can create a perfect match.  

Generous storage space was attained by strategically positioning built-in wardrobes, separating the hall from the bathroom and defining the central area that partitions the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. These thoughtful solutions aim to establish an organized space with clean details and nice framed views. 

Apartment Furnishings

This apartment showcases bespoke furniture meticulously crafted from smoked oak veneer and white lacquered MDF, encompassing wardrobes, kitchen fixtures, and pieces in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

The countertops are made of quartz sinters imitating white limestone, specifically Dekton Aeris by Cosentino. The flooring features oak panels and stoneware tiles, ideally SABI by Chapel Parket and Minirock Grey by Paradyż.

This stunning dark wood not only complements the custom-made furniture, but also seamlessly integrates with the elegant warm gray tiles, creating a perfect combination of natural materials within the space.

Select pieces from renowned brands enhance the space, such as the oak Cross Table 120 and Cross Chairs by TAKT, a Bella Coffee Table by HAY, and Georg Side Tables by Fritz Hansen.

The lighting includes recessed fixtures and sconces by AQ Form, complemented by the Keglen pendant lamp by Louis Poulsen making a statement in the living room.

Bedding and curtains feature white linen, while thicker linen in a natural color graces seats in the living room. Pillows made of black linen provide a striking color accent.

The apartment is decorated with ceramics featuring organic shapes and textures, Eva Solo glassware, dried flowers, and a thoughtfully curated selection of books and albums.

Enhancing the overall aesthetics are the meticulously designed decorations by Norm Architects for Audo, including a mirror, bath shower tray, and towel bar.

The kitchen and bathroom feature elegant fittings from Zucchetti in brushed steel. The electrical fixtures are supplied by SIMON, and the household appliances are provided by ASKO.

Let's Work Together!

Explore the complete conceptual interior design of the Warsaw Brewery apartment by clicking here. For collaboration on conceptual interior designs, 3D product/interior visualizations, or art direction, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: studio@zuzannarogowska.pl.