Zuzanna Rogowska


3D Interior Visualizations

The cost of creating 3D visualizations for products/interiors depends on various factors. For a personalized quote, please contact me at: studio@zuzannarogowska.pl and provide details about your project.

Click here or visit the website: forms.gle/2YCWPzRZbXRME6YG8, to submit an inquiry for a personalized quote on services provided by Zuzanna Rogowska Studio. Alternatively, you can send me an email at: studio@zuzannarogowska.pl and provide details about your project.

The current start date for collaboration is June 2024. Signing the contract guarantees reservation of this date. Availability may change, so I recommend reaching out to me sooner rather than later.

The time required for project completion depends on its complexity and scope of work. A detailed schedule will be established after obtaining all necessary information.

For example, creating 3D visualizations of a 60 m2 apartment interior (resulting in 18 renders) may take approximately 2 weeks with efficient communication throughout the process.

Visit my blog, where I have published an article about my process of creating 3D visualizations and the individual stages of collaboration. Completed articles include, among others, “Backstage – My Process of Creating 3D Interior Visualizations“.

In order to start working on the project, I will need various files from you. For interior visualizations, I will require technical drawings saved in DWG format, as well as graphics illustrating the design concept, such as mood boards with selected colors, materials, and furnishings.

To create 3D product models, I will need technical drawings saved in DWG format, as well as product photos. To prepare product visualizations, high-quality 3D models saved in 3ds Max format (alternatively OBJ or FBX) and material photos will be needed.

Additionally, I will need inspiration to better understand the visual effect you want to achieve. Inspirations presenting both the overall aesthetics of the visualization and the characteristic features of materials, lighting, and composition will be important. This will allow me to create visualizations that meet your expectations.

 I don’t require clients to provide texture files as I continually expand my own library. However, if I collaborate with furniture manufacturers or other companies in the architectural industry, I’m happy to use texture files provided by them.

A JPG file representing the texture (seamless pattern) is sufficient. Based on it, I will be able to create additional texture maps independently. Additional maps, such as normal maps, will help achieve even better visual effects.

I am constantly developing my skills in 3D modeling, visualization, and animation, enabling me to deliver high-quality services to clients. My work is characterized by precision, so I can assure you that I will make every effort to achieve the best visual effects for you.

The collaboration process always begins with creating a brief. I gather necessary information and review provided inspirations to define project goals and understand the aesthetic vision you aim to achieve. The inspirations you provide will help me better understand the visual effect you want to achieve. 

It’s important to send both inspirations presenting the overall aesthetics of the visualization and characteristic features of materials, lighting, and composition. This will enable me to create visualizations that meet your expectations.

The visualization creation process consists of several stages. First, the client selects the frames, and then receives renders with applied textures for evaluation. After receiving feedback from the client, I proceed to implement revisions to the project.

My priority is the comfort and satisfaction of the client throughout the entire collaboration process, so I work on visualizations until achieving visual effects that fully satisfy them.

Upon client approval of the visualizations, I prepare final renders in the agreed resolution and format. This process allows the client to refine the visualizations and tailor them to their individual needs.

 I will prepare a file for you in MIRO or Figma, a program that enables real-time collaboration. I will continuously add visual materials, and you will have the opportunity to leave comments, significantly improving our communication and expediting project completion.

The final visualizations are prepared in a predefined size and format, ensuring high quality. The size can be adjusted depending on the purpose, for example, for publication on a website, where optimizing the dimensions will result in a smaller file size and faster loading time.

Certainly, I’m happy to support my clients. It will be possible to make changes to the final visualizations, however, please note that making changes to the 3D model and significant alterations to the final visualizations will incur additional costs.

My multidisciplinary approach extends to providing modeling, visualization, and 3D animation services as well as art direction for furniture manufacturers and other companies within the architectural industry.

I specialize in creating high-quality models, visualizations, and 3D animations of products for sales purposes, along with conducting digital photoshoots within custom-designed interiors, ideal for marketing campaigns.

In doing so, I facilitate collaboration between companies and interior designers, and enable the creation of visually appealing content for clients in an easier, faster, cost-effective manner, and with virtually limitless creative possibilities.

I primarily work with Autodesk 3ds Max for creating 3D models, visualizations, and animations. I use the Corona Renderer engine for rendering and Adobe After Effects for animation. For post-production tasks, I rely on Adobe Photoshop.