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I specialize in conceptual interior designs for private clients across Europe, offering comprehensive project documentation, construction drawings, and designer supervision exclusively for projects to be executed in Poland.

My work is characterized by an individual approach to clients and a commitment to their ideas. My priority is to ensure that they feel listened to, understood, and that their vision is incorporated into the interior design project. 

My goal is to design living spaces that cater to the individual needs and preferences of clients, providing them with comfort and satisfaction at every stage of the interior design process, as well as during ongoing collaboration in its implementation.


My multidisciplinary approach extends to providing modeling, visualization, and 3D animation services as well as art direction for furniture manufacturers and other companies within the architectural industry.

I specialize in creating high-quality models, visualizations, and 3D animations of products for sales purposes, along with conducting digital photoshoots within custom-designed interiors, ideal for marketing campaigns.

In doing so, I facilitate collaboration between companies and interior designers, and enable the creation of visually appealing content for clients in an easier, faster, cost-effective manner, and with virtually limitless creative possibilities.


Ready to start cooperation? Click here to submit inquiries and receive a personalized offer for services provided by Zuzanna Rogowska Studio. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email at: studio@zuzannarogowska.pl.


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