Zuzanna Rogowska

Presenting my concept for a 74 m² apartment on Szaserów Street, located in a building designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates and completed by WL INWEST, harmoniously fusing modernity with minimalism while honoring the rich history of Warsaw’s Praga district.

The architectural form of this building showcases contemporary materials, yet its spatial layout echoes the historic arrangement of 19th-century tenement houses that once graced this neighborhood.

The minimalist architecture immediately caught my eye and sparked my imagination. The unexpected elongated and narrow layout of the apartment presented a fascinating design challenge.

Upon stumbling upon this apartment while browsing various real estate listings and new developments, I swiftly decided it would be the perfect canvas for my next conceptual interior design project and 3D visualization practice.

Thanks to its generous porte-fenêtre windows, the apartment is illuminated by abundant natural sunlight, prompting me to craft an unconventional interior design concept featuring really dark hues including the black ceiling.

For this space, I opted for a monochromatic palette of grays and blacks, complemented by materials such as veneer, wooden flooring, concrete-look tiles in the bathroom, as well as granite countertops and accents of built-in furniture.

My design philosophy centers around seamlessly integrating modernity and minimalism, while celebrating the beauty of natural materials and textures.

Every aspect of this apartment’s design is meticulously selected to cultivate a harmonious living environment. Furthermore, my aim was to establish a unique design concept. 

While recognizing that it may not resonate with everyone, I aspire to captivate the interest of those who appreciate unconventional design solutions.

Apartment Floor Plan

I admire how the long and narrow layout of this apartment distinctly separates the living area with its connected kitchen from the bedrooms by a lengthy hallway, offering easy access to the bathroom from the sleeping quarters.

I made minimal alterations to the excellent apartment layout prepared by Kuryłowicz & Associates. The only significant change was converting one room into a office and merging it with the bedroom.

The office, bedroom, and bathroom feature fairly traditional layouts. However, in the bedroom, I opted for a larger bed and more open space, foregoing additional wardrobes. 

I utilized alcoves in the hallway to create storage closets. Well-considered built-in furniture solutions are present in nearly every room, ensuring ample storage space throughout the apartment.

The elongated layout allowed for the creation of a spacious and functional kitchen with an island. Meanwhile, the modest-sized living room is visually separated from the kitchen by interior elements and recessed ceiling lighting.

I must admit, the more I worked with this apartment layout, the more I grew fond of it. Perhaps to the point where I found myself entertaining the thought of living in such a space.

Apartment Furnishings

While most furnishings are bespoke, I’ve curated a selection of design wonders including the MAGS sofa and AAL 87 armchair from HAY, the DING coffee table, Herit chairs, and Timb armchair from NORMANN COPENHAGEN, Androgyne Side Table from Audo, as well as VISU chairs and bar stools from MUUTO.

Recessed lighting accentuates the ceiling, complemented by exquisite fixtures such as the Hashira floor lamp from Audo, the Obello lamp from GUBI, a pendant lamp from HK Living, and minimalist sconces in the bedroom from AQ Form.

Let's Work Together!

Explore the complete conceptual interior design of the apartment on Szaserów Street by clicking here. For collaboration on conceptual interior designs, 3D product/interior visualizations, or art direction, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: studio@zuzannarogowska.pl.