Zuzanna Rogowska


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My name is Zuzanna Rogowska. I graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. In 2022, I founded my own studio to provide comprehensive interior design services for private clients, alongside 3D modeling, visualization, and animation services tailored for businesses.

My aspiration is to create architecture of the highest aesthetic quality, characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Balancing simplicity, natural elements, and understated luxury in each project, I aspire to create spaces and images with a harmonious and timeless aesthetic. I am passionate about designing minimalist spaces that positively impact our well-being and allow us to experience soothing tranquillity every day.

I place a strong emphasis on delivering premium quality in both design solutions and the level of service provided. In each project I undertake, I commit to not only understanding but exceeding client expectations at every stage of the design process, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling collaboration.